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Prelude and Allegro


symphony orchestra


‘Prelude and Allegro’ was commissioned by the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra as part of its Centenary celebrations, with support from the John Feeney Charitable Trust.

'Prelude and Allegro' begins with a slow introduction of the main theme, followed by a faster section, where the theme is developed and ends with the return of the first theme as a chorale played by the entire orchestra. The composition process began with the theme, heard at the start, followed by its harmonisation and variations stemming from the theme, which can be heard in the Allegro section. A secondary, ‘chime’, motive can also be heard in the composition. The ending is celebratory in character, marking the centenary celebrations of the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra.

The full score and parts are available for purchase upon request. Please contact Kristina to make an enquiry.

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