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Image by Rachel Loughman


Alongside her flourishing composing and performing careers, Kristina has become an ardent educator and has significant teaching experience. Kristina teaches at the Junior Royal Academy of Music, King’s College London, the University of Surrey and privately. At JRAM, she teaches general musicianship, composition and theory and she teaches theory and composition within higher education settings.

Kristina is very proud of her students’ achievements, who have achieved success including offers to study in junior conservatoires as well as at the Royal Academy of Music and Oxford University. At Kings, Kristina also worked as Graduate Development Associate where she researched education-related topics and delivered workshops college-wide to help Teaching Assistants to improve their teaching. In 2020, she was nominated by her theory students for the KCL Educator Award.

As well as her commitments at JRAM and KCL, Kristina offers online piano, theory and composition one-to-one teaching as well as group classes. She developed the JRAM theory syllabus and resources and, looking to expand on this, is currently developing her own Online Theory School which could be used by anyone. If you are interested in finding out more information and registering your interest for this or her private classes, then please use the Contact form.

Kristina’s vision as an educator is to inspire and bring the appreciation of classical music to the younger generation. She wants to create a safe and motivating environment for students to achieve their musical dreams. Kristina is keen to reach out to anyone who doesn’t have access to music education and she would be interested to help with learning and engagement, in particular in the provision of music theory and composition education.

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