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Title: My Unforgettable BBC Proms Debut: Bringing Hadrian's Wall to Life with "Whin Lands"

'Scored for three antiphonal choirs and sung tonight in three parts of the concert (beginning, middle and end) the piece exquisitely captures the essence of twilight at Hadrian’s Wall, the memory of dancing flames, and the hope-filled daybreak over Lindisfarne – a captivating and emotional piece.' Classical Source

I will forever cherish this wonderful moment—in the Summer of 2023 I found myself on stage at the Glasshouse (formerly known as the Sage, Gateshead), bowing after the performance of my 3-movement work, Whin Lands. This was my BBC Proms debut - and a lifelong dream come true.

Two years before this I was on holiday, exploring the breathtaking landscapes of Northern England - namely the majestic ruins of Hadrian's Wall. The sheer magnitude of history and the rugged beauty of the landscape was amazing.

Katrina Porteous's wonderful poetry about Hadrian's Wall inspired me to write Whin Lands which was brought to life that day by Chorus of Royal Northern Sinfonia, Massed Voices of the Northeast, and the youthful Voices of the River’s Edge, conducted by Timothy Burke and Grace Rossiter.

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