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You've Got a Friend in Me Variations


String Orchestra


Commissioned by and first performed by the National Children's Orchestra of Great Britain, and based on the 'You've Got a Friend in Me' song from Toy Story, written by Randy Newman.
This is a fun 5-movement work, with each movement exploring different string textures and techniques:
Movt. 1: Toy Carnival, is fun in character, beginning with an antiphonal texture between the low and high strings.
Movt. 2: 'Jessie's Lullaby' is, in contrast, mellow and lyrical in character.
Movt. 3: 'Woody Meets Bach!' mimics the Baroque style, characterised by dotted rhythms, but ends with the 'sul pont.' technique.
Movt. 4: 'Dance of the Toy Aliens' is a cheeky pizz.-based number.
Movt. 5: 'Finale' is a triumphant ending.

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