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SSA and piano


Willow was inspired by the soothing nature of the weeping willow. While
historically this tree is associated with lament, including Desdemona's famous
Willow Song from Shakespeare's Othello, this piece transforms the willow's
protective spirit into a comforting sanctuary. Designed to complement the
second of the two National Youth Choir commissions reacting to the theme
‘evolve’, Snowdrop for SATB and piano, Willow offers a soothing melody that
envelops listeners in a tranquil refuge.
My branches so slow reach down below,
As you pass me by in sun’s gentle glow.
Leaves upon the tide, branches shielding where you hide,
Beneath my shade I keep promises I made.
I see tales of joy and woe,
I hear your dreams spoken as you grow.
I am the Willow, pliant as a reed,
So bend and weave me to your need.
I am as old as the wide brown river,
Slimmest of trees, your comfort-giver.
I see your dreams, reflected in the stream
Your life and mine, our stories entwine.
I am your friend, your Weeping Willow,
Sleep in comfort in my shade.
My leaves your quilt, my roots your pillow,
We grow together as we evolve.
Poetry by Karen Hayes and Kristina Arakelyan

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