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Opera: Seven Ways to Wait


4 Mezzo sopranos, 3 Sopranos, Piano


In Homer’s Odyssey, Penelope was left behind as her husband disappeared for war and adventure. As she waited, she weaved – creating by day, and frantically unpicking by night.
In this new opera we meet seven women who are waiting, in different times and places and for very different things.
In a fast-paced world, can waiting be a heroic act? A creative act?
This collaboration between composer Kristina Arakelyan and librettist Helen Eastman weaves its way from Greece to Ukraine, 5BC to a 1913 suffrage meeting, and work-out videos to 16th century witchcraft.

The score of the chamber opera, for 7 singers (3 mezzo-sopranos and 3 sopranos and a mezzo-soprano lead) and piano, is available to purchase upon request. Please contact Kristina to enquire using the link below.

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