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Open My Eyes To Meet Your Gaze - A hymn for Holocaust Memorial Day


SATB with optional accompaniment


Open My Eyes to Meet Your Gaze
Open my eyes to meet your gaze,
Be it sunken, or teary, or blind.
In the eyes of the outcast, Lord, brightly blaze!
Make me see who the world leaves behind.
Open my ears to hear your call,
In the cry of the scorned and oppressed.
Let its song unfamiliar my heart enthral,
And cast out all fear from my breast.
Open my nose to smell the rot,
Where the powerful blame the unknown.
When the mighty play victim, though they are not,
Let me sense who is really alone.
Open my lips to speak the truth!
Though I meet with suspicion or scorn.
And all through my life, my age, my youth,
Make me advocate of the forlorn.
Open my hands to do your work,
May my deeds be the proof of my prayer.
In the face of injustice I’ll never shirk,
For my God is beside me there.
By Miriam Endersby

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