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Fantasia on a theme by Beethoven


Chamber orchestra


Fantasia on a Theme By Ludwig van Beethoven for chamber orchestra was inspired by the rondo theme from the third movement of Beethoven's Waldstein sonata, op. 53. Fantasia is in reverse-variation form, with several glimpses of the main theme throughout the composition and an explosive fanfare at the end where the theme is finally heard in its full glory. Fantasia also pays homage to the composer through its fiery nature and frequent and sudden changes in character. The choice of the theme from Waldstein Sonata is deliberate as it has a euphoric feeling. Fantasia reiterates 'broken' versions of the theme, as with each variation the music
struggles to find the Beethoven theme before finally arriving to the ecstatic sounding of the melody at the end.

Score available upon request. Contact Kristina to enquire.

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